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MTM Meridian Body Bojin

Do you experience any of the following symptoms: Lethargy, Fatigue, Poor Digestion, Muscles Aches, and Insomnia?

Your body has an energy system called the "Qi flow" that protects your health. When this is disrupted, it will cause above symptoms and may affect your productivity.

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What is MTM Meridian Body Bojin?

Using Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM) physiotherapy, the Bojin therapy stimulates the body to self-heal and achieves a combination of results: beauty, contouring, pain and tension relief, health maintenance, and hormone balance. Bojin shares similarities with guasa in that it is a non-invasive treatment, but Bojin produces better results without the redness caused by guasa.


How MTM Meridian Body Bojin Works?

Our revolutionary MTM Meridian Bojin Therapy / Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM) targets specific meridian channels to unblock Qi energy, relieving symptoms or musculoskeletal pains.  This therapy combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian expertise and Western Medicine muscle and bone research to manipulate acupuncture points, meridians, soft tissues, and muscles, utilizing specially crafted buffalo horn massage tools to extend the efficacy to unlock knots in deep tissues and muscles.This provides significantly more effective relief for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and fibromyalgia, soothing your tensions, pains and emotions for a healthier you.

Benefits of MTM Meridian Body Bojin

✔️Help to reduce Migraines 
✔️Improve blood circulation
✔️Reduce Stress and anxiety
✔️Relieve Insomnia
✔️ Muscle Soreness Recovery 

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MTM Meridian Body Bojin Localised Treatment


Bojin Back

blockage, tight muscles, pains nagging injuries, migraines

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Bojin Tummy

cold lower abdomen, menstrual cramps, constipation

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Bojin Thigh

cramps, pain, water retention

First Trial (Tummy)



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Happy Woman
  • Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized.

  • Improved sleeping patterns and digestive issues.

  • Improved body natural energy flow will ease emotional stresses and trauma.

  • Anti-ageing therapy that aids in achieving youthfulness by focusing on muscle toning and connective tissues in your body.

You will experience instant pain relief after each session.  We are committed to aid you in achieving your goal to improved health and youthfulness.

Why Would You Feel After MTM Meridian Body Bojin Treatment

Luminess MTM Meridian Body Bojin Treatment

Using the Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM) therapy, the Bojin therapy stimulates the body to heal, which can provide beauty and pain relief in combination with contouring and hormone balance.

Executed by hand by our professionally trained therapists, our Signature Bojin therapy intensively and effectively targets all 12 meridian channels. Our tailored therapy approaches can help you with a number of different health problem.

weight gain, water retention, aches, digestion problems, constipation, and insomnia.

Why Choose Us?

At Luminess, we use only the best products and offer personalized treatments tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to help you achieve healthier and more beautiful skin that will last a lifetime. 

  • Singapore’s Number 1 Facial Centre

  • Medical Grade Technology

  • Visible Results from 1st Session

  • 20 Years of Experience

Free Consultation

Queena Lym

The staff is friendly and has a good skill. The environment is quiet and clean. I am satisfied and just bought package today.
Skin Hydration

Why MTM Meridian Body Bojin Is Better Than Regular TCM Massage?

There are various other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massages that are efficient in relieving pain, however, most of them can only work on superficial skin and muscle levels. The benefits of MTM Meridian Body Bojin massages lie in its ability to work on the deeper structures of muscles, connective tissues, and blood vessels that surround muscle groups. Restrictions or scars found in the muscles will also be worked.  Simultaneously, this technique works to stimulate the various meridians in the body in order to clear any blockages and stagnant Qi. The basic goal is that by clearing the meridian network, more energy and longevity will be available. Many people enjoy receiving a massage to help restore relaxation. Massages date back to the past and were created with specific purposes in mind, such as relieving chronic headaches and pressure on body.

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