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Vitamin C 
Skin Brilliance

What is Vitamin C Brilliance Facial?

Brightening and rejuvenating  “Facial Treatment with Vitamin C” nourishes, deeply moisturizes and promotes natural facial skin regeneration processes. To begin the treatment, your skin is carefully cleansed and exfoliated to improve the absorption of vitamin C-rich serum and the face mask to the deeper layers of the skin, enriching it with vital nutrients and regenerating vitamin C. The treatment further involves a face massage that improves blood circulation and reduces wrinkles thereby increasing the absorption of nutrients into the skin.

Benefits of Vitamin C Skin Brilliance


Improves skin hydration


Heals skin damage

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Brighten skin


Shields skin from pollutants

and free radicals


Improves skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance


Boost collagen

How Does Vitamin C Skin Brilliance Works?

Vitamin C-enriched skin becomes more elastic and firmer because of improved production of collagen and elastin. Vitamin C also improves regeneration processes and protective functions of the skin against free radicals. The “Facial Treatment with Vitamin C” is a great tool against ageing processes as it helps to restore skin’s brightness or moisture balance. It is suitable for any type of skin and the result is visible even after the first treatment.

Vitamin C Skin Brilliance Process

  • face, neck and neckline cleanse;

  • skin exfoliation;

  • application of vitamin C-enriched face serum;

  • face massage;

  • application of vitamin C-enriched face mask;

  • a special cream to complete the treatment;

  • recommendations for skincare at home for long-term results.

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What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Facial treatment with vitamin C for brighter and firmer skin and premature ageing. After the treatment, the skin becomes youthful, glowing and radiant, elastic and firm, and regeneration processes in the skin are improved.

Why Choose Us?

At Luminess, we use only the best products and offer personalized treatments tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to help you achieve healthier and more beautiful skin that will last a lifetime. 

  • Singapore’s Number 1 Facial Centre

  • Medical Grade Technology

  • Visible Results from 1st Session

  • 20 Years of Experience

Free Consultation

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The staff is friendly and has a good skill. The environment is quiet and clean. I am satisfied and just bought package today.
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